Thursday, May 6, 2010

Census Participation Way up in Edgecombe

For the past 10 years, many of Edgecombe County's citizens and elected officials have questioned the results of the 2000 Census. The population count came only about six months after Hurricane Floyd's flood waters devastated the area and forced many people from their homes. As a result, Edgecombe's mail-in Census participation rate in 2000 was 59 percent.

This time around, county and community leaders led a push to improve Census participation and they have something to be pleased about - 73 percent of Edgecombe County residents completed their Census forms. In a county that struggles with chronic high unemployment and other challenges, having an accurate measure of its population - and the federal dollars that could bring - is critical.

See how the rest of North Carolina's counties did in returning Census forms by mail.

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