Thursday, November 12, 2009

Introducing...our new Economic Video Widget

It has a funny name, but this device puts some incredible economic content at your finger tips:

UNC-TV's Public Media Economy Widget
Watch. Learn. Comment. Share.

It's been a little over a year since the financial meltdown plunged our nation into the current recession. And even though things are beginning to look up a little, there are still signs that the recovery is going to be long and slow. UNC-TV has been following this story from the very beginning and remains committed to helping you understand what has happened and when things are going to improve.

To help you access important information about the economy, we are bringing all of the great coverage on UNC-TV to one place with the UNC-TV Economy Feed Widget. The widget is a powerful tool that allows you to select video from a playlist and watch it right inside the widget’s window. You can watch high-quality streaming video from all your favorite UNC-TV shows including FRONTLINE, The NewsHour, Bill Moyers Journal, NOW on PBS, American Experience, Tavis Smiley, Nightly Business Report and many more.

The widget also provides you with access to the in-depth information that you’ve come to expect from UNC-TV. Below each video you will find a series of “Related Links” that have been specially selected for each video. Say you’re checking out FRONTLINE’s latest episode The Warning and you want to know more about a “derivative”. You’ll find a link right below the video you’re watching to another video from our partners at NPR’s ‘Marketplace' that explains exactly what a derivative is and how it works.

The best part is that the widget allows you share your content anywhere you want on the web. When you click on the “Share” tab in the widget you are presented with myriad options for sharing, saving, bookmarking, or emailing the widget. You can add it to your Facebook page, post it to your blog, or even share it on Twitter with just a couple of clicks.

We hope that this widget provides you with the information you are looking for and empowers you to share it with others. Please let us know what kind economy news you are most interested in and what you think about the widget by leaving a comment or clicking the “Give Feedback” button in the “About this Widget” tab of the widget. We look forward to hearing from you.


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