Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Good News for Edgecombe County

Sara Lee Facility, Tarboro, NC

Wednesday brought North Carolina's chief executive to Edgecombe County. Governor Bev Perdue traveled to Tarboro with exciting news for this community: new jobs. Foods producer Sara Lee is adding 45 jobs to its Tarboro facility and investing $11 million.

Governor Beverly Perdue (D-NC)

Sara Lee is already one of Edgecombe's largest employers with 808 full-time employees right now. The additional 45 positions will help the company expand its biscuit making operations. By the time all the new equipment is up and running, the Tarboro facility will produce about 102 million pounds of food products each year.

This is no doubt good news for Edgecombe County--which has chronically had one of North Carolina's highest unemployment rates--but it comes with a surprising twist in this age of economic incentives. State leaders say Sara Lee decided to create the jobs and invest the $11 million without getting any tax breaks, credits or other incentives in return.

--Rob Holliday, UNC-TV

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